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Telegram Can Now Change The Image "Background" Conversations, Here's How


Download Telegram APK - chat Service Telegram recently got a new feature to change the background image in the chat window. Background can be either image or color, and will be displayed in the back of the balloon-balloon conversations with other users in the group. Read also: Features the Latest Telegram, Can Export Data and Special Notification and Then, how do I change the background chat in telegram? Follow the steps in the translation of the download telegram APK below. Using a background image

  1. To replace the background with the image, users simply open the Telegram app, then go to Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Background. Here, the user can replace the background with some image options provided a Telegram.
  1. The user can also use images stored in your phone (gallery). Other images can also be searched on the internet through the icon "search" in the top right corner.
  1. When the user has selected the desired image, the zoom can be changed further with him the option of visual effects, namely the "blurred" to blur the image and "motion". Both can be enabled simultaneously.


  1. Last select "Set Background" to set the picture as background. Using backgroud color


  1. In addition to images, users can also replace the background with a plain color or patterned. First, go to Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Background, then select the sub-menu "Set a color".


  1. Will appear a new page where the user will be offered multiple templates of the basic colors have been provided a Telegram.


  1. If already selected, at the bottom there are also two options, namely "color" and "pattern". The choice of "color" can be selected to change the color of precision based on the "hex code" and the brightness level.


  1. While, the option "pattern" can difaksikan to apply the pata bertentu color that has been dipilihh. This pattern can also be arranged level intensitas'nya.
  2. If it Mangatur background color, select "Save" and then click "Set Background". Features replacement background belabang this can be found in the latest version of the Telegram which has been telse in the app store Play Store (Android) App Store (iosida)),