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Download Telegram APK

In this article I will create an article for you all that out of the topic of wordpress, which discusses a chat application that made me interested and this time also I use. The app named Telegram, because it can be used in a variety of devices then I am interested to write in this blog.

Telegram is a messaging App chat that allows users to send messages secret chats that are encrypted end-to-end as additional security. With Telegram You can also share more than just images and video, but the Telegram also lets You transfer documents or send Your current location to a friend easily. Telegram is the Best app of all, is fast, lightweight, no ads and completely free. Please visit the official website here.
Telegram has a clean user interface and has a variety of features, and therefore a Telegram is very widely used around the world today. Unlike other chat applications, Telegram is cloud-based, which means You can seamlessly move Your conversations between your smartphone, tablet, web and even on Your desktop. Here are some how to use Telegram in a variety of devices

1. Install Telegram app. Open the App Store or Google Play and search for Telegram. Locate the application with the logo of the paper plane and please you install.
2. Enter Your phone number. You will be asked to enter Your phone number. Telegram will immediately send a text message with a four digit code to verify that it is indeed Your number. Enter the code into the app to continue.
3. Add name and image. Telegram lets users create your own profile, complete with name and picture. Enter this information to continue.
4. Find a friend with a Telegram. Telegram can automatically search your contacts for friends who use Telegram if You give the app permission to access the Address book. When You press the Contact tab at the bottom left of the screen, Telegram will show a list of your friends who are using Telegram and also a Contact list that does not register in the telegram. You can send an invitation to join a chat by tapping on the name of the friend who have not use the Telegram.
5. Start the chat. Select a friend who has an account Telegram to start a new chat. Similar to WhatsApp and other SMS app, there is a text field in the bottom of the screen that is used to type the message.
6. Send photos, Web images, video, documents, contacts or Your location. Unlike most messaging apps, Telegram lets You send various information to Your friends. Press the paper clip icon or the paperclip next to the text field of the chat and select the type of information You want to send. You can choose to take a photo or video, or select one of the files in Your device. There is also the option to search for images via the Web, which opens the search prompt that shows only image results.
If You want to send Your current location to your friends, select the option Location and approve that app's access to Your current location. Your friends will then be send an interactive map. There is also the option to share documents and contacts using Telegram.

7. Start a chat Secret. From the Contacts tab, select the option New Secret Chat and then select the name of your friend. Any messages sent in this window are encrypted, which means that no one else will have access to this chat. You can send texts, media and documents as a regular chat.
You can also choose to make a secret chat message of your own, which means it can be erased after a set time. In secret chat, tap on Your friend's name at the top of the screen "press the Info button" and enter into setting the Self-Destruct Timer. Select one second, two seconds, five seconds, one minute, one hour, one day or one week.

8. Background Chat. In the Settings tab at the bottom You can select the image to be the background of Your chat. Telegram has a selection of images that are already available, which allows You to customize the look and feel of Your chat. There is also the option to select an image from your device to use as a background for a more personal touch.


Download Telegram APK